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Savvy Lane is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars on Zillow

"My condo had been on the market for the past two years. The brokers I hired kept telling me to lower the price or sell my condo as a short sale, but non of them would lower their commission. Your flat fee service saved me from foreclosure. Thank you" – Kate

"You did more than just list my home. You offered all the tools to succeed in selling my home, from the professional sign, flyer, key box, open house tips and staging advice to pricing my home competitively – everything worked out great, and at the end you saved me over $20,000! Thank you Beata" – Heather

"I am a retired real estate broker. I know when you are ready to sell your home there is no better way to get the exposure than through the MLS. The drawback is the 6% commission. BUT not any more! Your service is the magic button! Flat Fee is the answer! I would defiantly use Savvy Lane again." – Phil

"The only flat fee company that offers a custom, professional sign. It included my phone number and MLS number!" – Kyle

"I have used Savvy Lane to list 4 homes, which all sold. I saved thousands!" – Allen

"Savvy Lane has a great, easy to use website, I spent about 30 minutes to fill out the forms on their website and I was able to make changes online on my time. I had worked with full service agents in the past, but your service was more efficient and it exceeded my expectations. Thank you for providing an alternate option. I would definitely recommend you to all my friends." – Dennis

"It is nice to speak to someone on the phone and not have to leave a message every time. The customer service is outstanding!" – Anne

"Quick turnaround time! My home was listed on the MLS within a few hours of filling out the paperwork online, and I got an offer within two weeks. I was in charge of the negotiations over the terms and the price. The whole process was easy! I recommend it to everyone who wants to be in control of the sale of their home." – Jennifer

"The great people at Savvy Lane were extremely responsive when we had questions or needed to update any MLS details about our property. Our Savvy Lane broker went above and beyond our expectations by even holding an open house when she was very pregnant (shame on us for not leaving a chair in the unit!).
Savvy Lane fills an important role: they enable people that can do most of the home-selling legwork themselves to get their property on the MLS for a very reasonable price. We like that it let us control the commission that the buyer's agent would get and let us pocket the usual seller's agent percentage. – Thank you" Jill & Erin

"Best price in town. They have great packages that include custom fliers, custom sign and they listed my home on national websites." – Elizabeth

"Savvy Lane was recommended to me and I can see why. I had several full service brokers list my home and non of them worked out. You give me all the tools and support I needed, with the savings of the real estate commission I reevaluated the asking price and I finally sold my home. You guys are great!" – Rick

"It is reassuring to know that companies with such a great service still exist. Savvy Lane, met all my expectations and more. I saved over $16,000 on the real estate commission. This savings enabled me in the negotiations to lower the price when my buyers had to choose within my home and an other comparable home on the market. Thank You" – Mark

"Thank you for the great service you provide." – Steve

"All changes I made to my listing were revised online shortly after I made them. I had a better experience with Savvy Lane then any other “full service” agent." – Susan

"The great people at Savvy Lane were extremely responsive when we had questions or needed to update any MLS details about our property." – Jill

"It was nice to know I can list my home, make changes and view my listing at Savvy Lane. Their website gave me all the information and tools I needed." – Sheri

"I was extremely pleased with the efficient customer service and professionalism Savvy Lane had to offer." – Paul

"I used Savvy Lane to sell my home and was completely satisfied. The home sold right away at a fair price, and I paid a much smaller commission than I would have with an ordinary listing. Beata was very responsive and nice to deal with. I would definitely use Savvy Lane, again!" – David

"I had a great experience with Savvy Lane. Everything you promised was done. I selected the full listing package and this was the best way to go. The tools that included in this package are far above and beyond what my last agent provided for me." – Laura

"I am very pleased with the experience I had using Savvy Lane. I really didn't feel the difference of not having a "full service agent" - I did have to place my own "arrow" signs at the end of the street, but everything else was the same as when I listed the home last year. The difference was that I could lower the price by the amount of that 3% commission that a selling agent would have cost, which got us in to a price range that got a quick offer - just what I needed! Beata was very helpful with all questions, and prompt with her responses. I would recommend this service and would use them again!" – Linda

"I thank you for your courtesy and for your efficiency. I would use Savvy Lane again... Beata" – Anton