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Navigating through an offer can be overwhelming, difficult, and costly if not reviewed and negotiated properly. We can help you steer clear of those expensive mistakes with expert assistance from a licensed agent. If you need professional offer support we are here 7 days a week to assist you.

With some help and determination you can enjoy the benefits of selling your home, while saving thousands in real estate commission.

The 10 steps in a typical residential real estate closing

1. Offer presented to the seller.

2. Seller accepting the offer by signing or initialing necessary pages.

3. Open an escrow account; negotiate the escrow and title costs and sign preliminary instructions.

4. Secure financing and negotiate lender closing costs. (buyer should be pre-approved)

5. Buyer should read and approve seller’s disclosures.

6. Buyer to obtain and approve property inspection, and approve other reports as needed.

7. Buyer to check title and remove contingencies from the offer.

8. Buyer to complete any remaining escrow work, and do the final walk through of the home.

9. Buyer to get funded by lender.

10. Sign the final escrow instructions (also called closing the escrow, transferring title).

Whether a buyer is working with an agent or not, we can help with all aspects of the offer and closing process.

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We are dedicated to offer professional services to effectively help you sell your home, but most importantly maximize your equity.